About TUSIX – the Tucson Internet Exchange

Welcome to the Tucson Internet Exchange (TUSIX), a collective peering effort designed to create additional internet access points in the Tucson area to improve internet connections and decrease costs.

TUSIX was established in January of 2023 as a local connection point for internet-related organizations in the Tucson, Arizona, region to peer and exchange their network traffic. TUSIX works to improve traffic by keeping local traffic local, resulting in better performance and reliability, plus lower latency connections for local traffic. TUSIX also reduces the use of third-party internet traffic, which cuts costs and minimizes the risk of a broken transit connection. TUSIX is hosted at Involta’s purpose-built data center in Tucson, Arizona.

TUSIX is a non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of participants for charitable donations to improve the services provided. Donations are welcome. Acceptable types of contributions include equipment, transport or cash. Cash donations can be used for ARIN fees, hosting fees, domain, colocation, management and more. For more information about TUSIX, please contact us.


TUSIX Program Details

TUSIX is for everyone. There are no requirements for the participants other than they follow the exchange rules.

TUSIX’s 1GbE and 10GbE ports are available free of charge. However, participants are responsible for covering a monthly fee for single-mode fiber cross-connections to the switch from the data center.

TUSIX offers optional route servers for participants to exchange routes with all other peering participants. Additionally, participants are encouraged to use TUSIX to form bilateral peering with other participants.


Join the Exchange

With every participant and every connection, TUSIX grows stronger. Join TUSIX to contribute to faster and more reliable networks for all users. Together, we work toward our shared goal of improved internet connectivity.

Key Milestones


Articles of Incorporation filed for non-profit Tucson Internet Exchange


First two switches donated from Arista arrive


OrgID and ASN AS20169 issued from ARIN


Tucson Internet Exchange website launched